The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?!

The focus of the 2018 Art Moments: The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! festival is environment-conscious thinking, recycling, and circular economy. This year's festival is designed is designed to make these important concepts more approachable for people and to demonstrate what they really mean.

Everyone knows that global warming, scarcity of traditional energy sources, environmental pollution, untreated garbage gaps and chronic water scarcity is a problem, but many think they are not affected by these issues. Yet, with just our existence we leave a huge ecological footprint on the Earth.

The goal of this year's festival is to demonstrate through exciting programs and spectacular public installations, just how wasteful we are in our everyday lives. To show how much rubbish, unnecessary waste, we produce and how little we worry what the fate of all this trash is after we throw it out.

Hybridart has launched several projects throughout the year focusing on conscious consumption and sustainability. Artists and experts on the topic were called upon, to demonstrate what environmentally conscious thinking means to them. Their works will be showcased at this year's Art Moments Festival, complemented by professional programs and workshops.





Sustainability and Art – International conference


1011 Budapest, Szilágyi Dezső Square, 2nd pier

October 5, 2018


The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?! art project is co-funded by Creative Europe.

It aims to support a movement of change makers. It is about joining forces and providing inspiration to find, develop and disseminate effective and sustainable solutions to a complex anthropogenic problem, especially in the form of plastic waste in the water. We are convinced that science can provide facts, while art is a catalyst for change and entrepreneurship makes long-term success possible.

"The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic ?!" is organized by Entrepreneurship Foundation, Berlin, Germany; Centrum Rzezby Polskiej (Center of Polish Sculpture), Oronsko, Poland; Hybridart Management, Budapest, Hungary in cooperation with: European Coastal Union (EUCC-D), Germany and numerous associate partners from European countries.

The aim of the program is to stimulate artists ad innovators to support the message of social responsibility. In this spirit we have announced three open calls and invited artists to show the power of their art to be a catalyst for change. On the other hand, we created an online platform that promotes connectivity between entrepreneurs and artists, believing, that the distinctive innovative and creative thinking that the two possess, complement one another and therefore can offer completely new solutions to various social issues.

One of the most important elements of the one-year project is a one-day conference at the TRIP Boat, located on the Danube river, where presentations and roundtable discussions will be held by domestic and international experts, academics and artists open to the public.

Conference talks and presentations on the following four major topics:

  • Rediscovering the role of the artist
  • Art and Innovation
  • Socially engaged art towards the problem of water pollution
  • Reaching and involving the public



BORDÓS Gábor (Wessling, HU)

Weronika ELERTOWSKA (Center of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, PL)

FÜLÖP Bence (Trinity Enviro - ThinkTankTrinity, HU)

HUNYADI Réka (Greenpeace Hungary, HU)

KAPRONCZAi Erika (film- and creative producer, HU)

Nicole LOESER (Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin, DE)

LŐWY Dániel (Valor Hungariae, HU)

Ewa MARKIEWICZ  (artis, PL)


Frankie MOUGHTON-SMALL (artist, UK)

Maria POSERN (European Coastal Union)

Robertina ŠEBJANIČ (artist, SL)

SINKOVICS Ede (artist, HU)

SZŰCS Tamás (Principal Adviser, European Comission DG EAC)

VÉGH Júlia (artist, HU)

Karina VISSONOVA (Institute of Advanced Design Studies)

Prof. Kaethe WENZEL (Europe-University of Flensburg, DE)

The special guest of the conference will be the man, we already mentioned above the Hungarian born Tom Szaky and founder and managing director of Terra Cycle.


Attending the conference is free of charge, but registration is needed.




Project exhibition

Hybridart Space

1052 Budapest, Galamb Street 6.

October 6-13, 2018

Opening: October 5, 7 pm


Since its launch in 2017, The Universal Sea project has published three open calls. Each time we were looking to answer the question, whether art could act as a catalyst for social change and, if so, how?

The first open call received more than 250 applications from 38 countries. A professional jury and a public voting decided on five entries to be invited to The Universal Sea residency program.

The touring art and science exhibition ‘The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!’ features the selected ‘Top 100 artists’* from our first open call which creatively tackles the topic of plastic pollution. Furthermore, it presents facts of the plastic epidemic and showcases some innovations from The Universal Sea community.


A performance by Robertina Sebjanic, a workshop by Ewa Markiewicz and the artworks by all the fiveArtists in Residence will be on display.

  • Robertina Šebjanič: Aquatocene / The subaquatic quest for serenity
  • Liina Klauss: Broken Dreams 1.  / Shattered Dreams
  • Kapronczai Erika és Végh Júlia: Plastic Labyrinth
  • Frankie Moughton-Small: The Plastic Sea
  • Ewa Markiewicz: Scheme that will survive ages. “Bile versus phlegm”




International exhibition


1014 Budapest, Palota Street 1.

October 12-23, 2018

Opening: October 11, 7 pm


Contemporary creations – from any given age - have always been the sensitive imprints of a given society. They are able to demonstrat the problems of their time and serve as indicators. They can give a detailed picture of society by relfeecting economy, religion and culture.

Focusing on the main topic of the Art Moments: The Universal Sea Budapest Festival, the exhibition brings together works from students and invited artists in the historic space of the Mikve a former Jewish Ritual Bathhouse. Young artists are an essential part of shaping new perspectives and bringing their works to a historical site these participating artists will engage with the past while rethinking how we live in the present and what can happen in the future. On show will be selected collaborative artworks by students from Berlin University of the Arts and Technical University of Berlin who have been working with different European science research institutes.

Artists presented at the exhibition:

Aleksandra Lawicka Cuper Alain Lapicore, Alex Cote, Andrew Hornett, Angelika Heckhausen, Anne Merle Krafeld, Anneli Goeller, Annika Kumm, Anouk Tschanz, Antoaneta Tica, arbarus, Athena Grandis, Barbara Nati, Ben Duax, Bianca Jasmin Hlywa, Bianka Katalin Nagy, Brydee Rood, Caro Krebietke, Cécile Vexler, Chriss Aghana Nwobu, Claire Krouzecky, Claudia Borgna, Claudia Livia, Claudia Schmitz, Colleen Flanigan, Constanze Flamme, CV Peterson, Daniel Strickland, Daniel Webb, Daria and Reiner Wartalska – Matysik, Deep Femme Futures, Denise Frechet, Diane Watson, Ede Sinkovics, Ella Schofield Lake, Eniko Hodosy, Enrico Bernardis, Erika Kapronczai, Ernesta Dirbanauskaite, Ewa Markiewicz, Frankie Moughton-Small, Franziska Rutishauser, Frederick Hubble, George Lorio, Georgina Peach, Giulia Gentili, Gwen van den Bout, HERVE ALL, Ho Man Law, Ingrid, Goldbloom Bloch, ircarab, Isaac Kojo Biney Aggrey, Jan Sajdak, Janine Röfke, Julia Vegh, Justyna Górowska, jzstudio, Kata Geibl, Käthe Wenzel, Konstantinos Leloudas, Kyna Hodges, Laurent Gutierrez, Lea Olozinski, leviathan, Liina Klauss, LInda Byrne and Maggie Dubris, Living Sea Sculpture, localStyle, Lorna Carmen, McNeill, Ludwig Niebuhr, Made Bayak, malatsion, MAPOFF, Marina Fomenko, Marisa Merlin, Marjorie, Chau, Mazyar Asadi, Meadhbh O'Connor, Michael and Anna Rofka, Miep Adenacker, Moi Tran, Nadine Baldow, Nasrin Yousefi, nedill, Nele Teepens, Nevena Vuksanovic, Nezaket Ekici, Niklas Weber, Nina Pestke, Ola Koziol Suavas Lewy PRZEPRASZAM group, Ophelia Jacarini, Pablo Dilet, Patrick DEMAZEAU MADE, Paul-Sebastian Angermeyer, Paweł Błęcki, Pinar Yoldas, Rachael Causer, Rachel Thomson, Rebeka Vaino, Resa Blatman, Riccardo Attanasio, Robertina Šebjanič, Roman Kroke, Ron Wild, Sarah Julig, Schwanibert, Sophie Drünert, Stefano Cagol, Stephen Wilks, Steve McPherson, Taze, Timo Brusewitz, Timo Kahlen, Tom Hackett, wedrinkthis, Yasmin Manuela Bianca Palij




Júlia Végh (HU) and Erika Kraponczai (HU)

Madách Square

September 28 – October 1, 2018



1024 Budapest

October 2-14, 2018


Plastic Waste Labyrinth is an art installation. Júlia and Erika are creating a huge labyrinth made of plastic. As an eco-art project, they are building a huge labyrinth made of plastic waste cubes first at Madách Square, then at the Millenáris Budapest. People can enter into the narrow corridors and get depressing shock caused by the amount of plastic waste. The sound of the sea waves gives the atmosphere of the experience. With this, they represent the urgent necessity of finding a way out together of the actual common plastic pollution problem on our planet Earth.




International art camp and public art installation

1051 Budapest, Eötvös tér

September 7-17, 2018


In 2018, the third Hybridart Camp - Upcycling Art was held with the theme "The Universal Sea". The sculpture group, made of 10,000 recycled aluminum cans, was prepared over a period of 10 days and is designed to draw attention to the importance of protecting our natural waters. The enormous public space installation was designed by students and fresh graduates from Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak and Emirate art universities. The team of 12 people was led by the sculptor, Gergő Kovách.

Hybridart Management launched the Hybridart Camp - Upcycling Art international art camp in 2016 in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi based Etihad Modern Art Gallery. The 10-day long art camp was themed the “Circle of Life” and was hosted by Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma. The camp was led by sculptors, Gergő Kovách and György Szász, and art students from the Visegrád countries and the UAE attended. As a result of the joint work of the 10 team members , a 4-meter-high dinosaur-shaped installation was built using more than 4,000 plastic PET bottles of the Benedictine Abbey’s Vis Vitais mineral water. Last year, the International Hybridart Art Camp was held in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs, and focused on the theme of Upcycling Art. The 2.5 meters tall, 4 meters long horse heads installation was made from 8,000 aluminum cans.

The theme of the annually organized camp is to display and showcase the spirit of conscious consumption and the spirit of sustainability through fine art. The raw materials used for the works are selected accordingly. This year’s statue was made from recycled aluminum cans. The installation was created in the spirit of environmental awareness and upcycling that is re-utilization. In essence re-utilization means, that an item that we no longer need is given a new function with minimal energy consumption, making it part of our environment in its new, creative form. The huge fishes are covered with pressed aluminum containers, which refer to the importance of the selective collection of aluminum tins, especially, since these empty, pressed containers can be collected, stored and recycled very efficiently.

The statue can be seen at the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs throughout August, while in September, within the framework of the annual Art Moments Festival for visual arts, it will be on display in Budapest, followed by an exhibition in Abu Dhabi and finally in Dubai.


Artists participating in the program:

Shaikha alDhaheri (Zayed University, Abu Dhabi), Tamás Dani (University of Pécs), Marianka Grabska (Center for Polish Sculpture in Orońsko), Yea-eun Jang (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), Bence Krisztián (University of Pécs) , Viktor Kováč (Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava), Adrienn Molnár (University of Kaposvár), Gergő Nagy (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts), Minami Nishinaga (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), Veronika Posta (University of Pécs) Rezai Amin, László Vajna (University of Szeged)

In 2018, the creative camp was hosted by the University of Pécs and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, with the support of the Visegrád Fund, Henkel and Inter Metal.




Hackathon + Workshops

Hybridart Space

1052 Budapest, Galamb u. 6.

October 4, 2018 from 2 to 6 pm



1014 Budapest, Palota út 1.

October 17, 2018 from from 2 to 6 pm


To the half-day-long professional workshop (hackathon) we invite artists, professionals dealing with sustainability, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, so that we can deal in a manifold way with environmental problems we are all concerned with. Please RSVP!

The workshops organized at Mikve, both for children and adults, moderated by Liina Klauss, resident artist of The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! are meant to raise interest and awareness towards environmental consciousness. It takes 2-3 hours. Please RSVP!




International short film competition screening


1094 Budapest, Liliom Street 41.

October 28, 2018, 6 pm


The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?! is an international initiative, that aims to find new forms of cooperation between arts, science, technology and businesses. It is not solely reflecting on the role and responsibility of artists, but also to tries to explore the opportunities that arise from the encounter of these four distinctive areas.

The project focuses on the burning issue of the contamination of our waters. Art is capable of stimulating action, exploring new opportunities and supporting creative solutions to fight the plastic epidemic. That is why, the third open call of The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?! project was an invitation for short-film artists from anywhere in the world regardless of age or gender. We will showcase a shortlist of these films which sent to us from the United States to the Canary Islands, from Ghana to Oceania  during the Art Moments: The Universal Sea Budapest Festival. Through the eyes of filmmakers, we are looking for answers to our water contamination and plastic epidemics problem.

Creators presented: Alvaro Guzman, Bianca Hlywa, Claudia Livia, Daniel Strickland, Hervé All, Isaac Biney Aggrey, Jason deCaires Taylor, Judih Selby Lang, Julia Ganotis, Justyna Gorowska, Koyo Biney, Marina Debris, Marina Fomenko, Ola Koziol, Patrick Demazeau dit Made, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Munich Business School (the “Business and Society in a Global Context” class of Prof. Dr. Jose Manuel Alcaraz Barriga)




by Kaethe Wenzel

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, Deák Square and Erzsébet Square

October 1-15, 2018


The dying oceans cause widespread concern and anxiety. But what can we actually do? How to avoid plastic waste, and help maritime life survive?  How to do this in our everyday lives? Saving the oceans requires a collaborative effort, a change of (consumption) culture.

DAILY SEA by Kaethe Wenzel starts from here. It is a three-step project with:

1.) 10-15 interviews with specialists who deal with the pollution of the oceans, resulting in

2.) 10-20 easy tips on how to avoid plastic waste and help preserve maritime life as part of your daily routine;

3.) Publishing: The tips will be published in the streets as billboard ads. They will consist of easily applicable recommendations/tricks on waste reduction, images with street-sign-like pictograms depicting the connectedness of humans, animals, and the oceans and additionally  the link to the interviews.

The keys to the entire project are applicability, striking images and thorough research.

The pictograms will be supposedly easily understandable but actually complex depictions of human/animal/plant combinations, evoking science fiction, folk motives and fantasies.

Kaethe Wenzel’s work extends from surveying techniques to Science Fiction. She collects utopian ideas and alternative world concepts, based on which she develops machines and service interventions. Since 2009 she has been using interview-based drawing, to map geographical and socio-cultural borders.




Art Market Budapest


stand: WHITECONCEPTS Gallery

October 11-14, 2018


The Israeli artist Ruthi Helbitz Cohen will also be featured in the frame of the Art Moments: The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?!  festival with her stunning paperwork at the booth of WHITECONCEPTS Gallery.

The artist invites the spectator to enter the shadow of the soul. Her archaic figures remind the observer of a sunken culture to put an end to the pillage of the world.


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