Satellite Programs


Pop-up exhibition

Hybridart Space

1052 Budapest, Galamb Street 6.

September 20-21, 2018

Opening: September 20, 7pm


In 2014, at the Vienna's Design Week, Zsanett Szirmay introduced her textile installation, Soundweaving, a project that touches on all sensory organs. It combines the boundaries of folkart, design and music. It’s call word is: transformation. The embroidery is transformed into laser-cut textiles, while the cross-stitch patterns are turned into melodies. In the creative process, the textile artist and the composer work closely together. The essence of their joint work is the mapped out music of traditional patterns taken from folk motives, rewritten through a reverberating comb that transforms it into sounds.

In 2015, at the Dubai Design Week, the SoundWeaving - Middle East Edition, was introduced developed together with Hybridart Management and MOME, and in 2018 the SoundWeaving V4 Edition, within the framework of the V4 Presidency took place, comprising of cross stitch patterns from Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian folk embroidery, and exhibited at 10 locations in the 4 countries.

At Hybridart Space Gallery, during the 10th Art Moments festival, Zsanett Szirmay will be exhibiting her MOME's Fashion and Textile Design Mastery called Sensory Yarn, which also experiments with the various sensory organs.

„My masterwork is an interactive experimental textile for the visually impaired and people with sight. We transformed the verse fragments of Sándor Weöres’s verse cycles called the Ragcarpet. Depending on the content, the verses appear as layers on the structure. Each technique represents a sensual surface: symbolizing vision, hearing, and touch. The palpable layer of the text appears through machine embroidery on the fabric, which is overlaid with a special conductive strand. Through touching the embroidered characters, you are able to hear the text verse.” Zsanett Szirmay




Selected exhibition of the Furniture Program of the MOME Design Department

Hybridart Space

1052 Budapest, Galamb Street 6.

September 26-30, 2018

Opening: September 25, 7 pm


For many years, it has been an important endeavor for Hybridart Management, to provide a platform for young, early-stage artists to introduce themselves and showcase their works. This exhibition will allow an insight into the works of students of the MOME Design School.

Each semester, the department chooses a furniture design project that is materialized through a creative brainstorming. During the first semester of the 2017/18 academic year, a significant number of exciting and worthy design objects were realized within the framework of the chair rehabilitation project, which was organized for the third time. Its purpose was to revive the deteriorated seating furniture in a physical and intellectual sense and to broaden the spectrum of student training. The 10 + 13 exhibitions show the objects that were redesigned by the students; the metal framework of their former library chairs and a previous work’s mantles. Part of the task was to re-think function, experimenting with formatting, material association, technology, and even craftsmanship. The initial frames could only use minimal geometric changes and slight renovation. The focus of the experiment was to determine the relationship between the new and the existing furniture structure and to add value to the product and its original function.

Due to the premium quality and exquisite workmanship of the presented pieces, the exhibition will be presented via a non-traditional exhibition style, focusing on the most unique elements of each item.

Aside from the furniture, there are no nametag or project descriptions in the physical space. Instead of the usual explanatory descriptions and a traditional catalog, an online directory uses an extended reality to talk about the scanned objects in the homogeneous space. The exhibited design objects can be scanned with smartphones or tablets and subsequently the information about students, their inspiration, design and transformation and implementation phases are displayed on the visitor's tools, in the form of a video or a photo document.




Zayed University x Hybridart Management

Art Market Budapest

Booth: P 304


October 11-14, 2018


As part of the 2018 Art Moments festival, through the Zenith Art Exchange Program, the arts faculty of Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, will be exhibiting at this year's Art Market Budapest Art Fair. The United Arab Emirates has been an important participant of the Art Moments festival, be it design, photography, fine arts or an international fairy-tale illustration competition.

Hybridart Management launched its Zenith Art Exchange Program in 2013 with the aim of promoting international art dialogue and creating an introductory opportunity for domestic artists abroad as well as for foreign artists in Hungary. Within the framework of the program, several joint exhibitions have been held both in Hungary and in the Arab region, with collaborating partners such as the Abu Dhabi Art Hub, Tashkeel Dubai, Fatima bint Mohammed bin Zayed Initiative, Fatima Bint Hazza Cultural Foundation and the Etihad Modern Art Gallery.

In addition to the international representation of contemporary art, the promotion of Hungarian design also plays an important role in the Zenith Art Exchange program. In 2015, through Hybridart Management and in collaboration with the Design Terminal, Hungarian designers had the chance to participate for the second time at the largest international design fair in the Arab region, the Design Days Dubai. Furthermore the Soundweaving Middle East Edition also appeared at the Design Week thanks to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.


Zayed University’s College of Arts and Creative

Dean: Kevin Badni

Curator: Walter Willems


Presenting artists of Art Market Budapest:

Ayesha Hadhir, Hissa Alzarooni, Meera Alhameli, Rawdha Al Ketbi, Shaikha Al




Bruno BAPTISTELLI (BR), Zsófi BARABÁS (HU), Adrian KISS (RO-HU), Anna-Bella PAPP (RO)

Curator: Zita SÁRVÁRI

Hybridart Space

1052 Budapest, Galamb Street. 6.

October 18-31, 2018.

Opening: October 17, 7 pm


Simplicity, reduced gestures, repetition, specifically processed surfaces, monochrome palette or line-led drawing. These keywords could be used to define the four young contemporary artists shown in the Unbound - The Unexpected Constellation exhibition, which was curated by Zita Sárvári.

The exhibited works showcase geometric elements evoking architectural effects alternating with organic freehand forms. Identical and repetitive forms of the self-referential works reveal a re-designed and stylized version of our own environment. The environment surrounding us is an inspirational source for all four exhibitors. In the works of Zsófi and Anna-Bella, the city and its structural system, its network structure and repetitive patterns, are shown in a completely abstract form. In Bruno and Adrian's artefacts, we can find more specific references to these and the historicity of the re-contextualized version of the objects.

The art of Bruno Baptistelli (1985, BR) is based on the meticulous observation of the functions of urban spaces and the conclusions drawn from it. His activity is similar to the practice of urban archaeology, except that he uses their presence as a comprehensive cultural and sociological picture of certain aspects.

Zsófi Barabás (1980, HU) has found her voice through the field of abstract painting, but figurative drawing also plays a major role in her art. Repetition, rhythm, as one of the principles of art, is also the driving force behind Zsófia's art. Again and again she takes on the organic shapes, the rugged surfaces, breaking the plasmatic wave movements with sharp geometric details.

Anna-Bella Papp (1988, RO) lives and works in Antwerp. In recent years, she has gained international recognition with her largest pieces of clay board objects. Her uniform book-like boards highlight the infinite variation spectrum of clay, from the very simple geometric solutions to the more complex figural, hand-scratched motifs.

Adriant Kiss (1990, RO) cannot be presented with the conceptual framework of traditional genres. The genres of applied arts are as obvious in their sculptural and installation works as the formal elements of architecture or the automotive industry. But he also pays special attention to simple objects of our prosaic everyday life, such as a basketball, a fan, or a vase that he uses in a re-contextualized form in his works.





1014 Budapest, Palota Street 1.

October 27 – November 7, 2018.

Opening: 26 October 26, 7 pm


The artworks of the freshly graduated students from the universities of fine - and applied arts can normally only be seen within the walls of the given institution, at exhibitions organized for the students for their graduate thesis defence. That is why, Hybridart Management launched its Entrée program in 2014, which allows these student artworks to be seen at other platforms, outside the the university walls.

Each year, more and more institutions join the program and, in the meantime, it has gone international. In February 2016, for example, during the Abu Dhabi Hungarian Days, the Entrée materials of the year were also on display at the Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi. In the summer of 2018 the end of the Entrée V4 Edition: a selection of works from the 2017 graduate students of the Visegrad Group countries could have be seen. The travelling exhibition of 33 works enjoyed great successes in the nine locations in major cities of the region.

The Entrée 2018 exhibition will be on display in the newly restored medieval cellar system of St. George Square in the Buda Castle, which was once a ritual bath connected to Buda's first medieval synagogue. The exhibition features a selection of works from the graduate students of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs, the Faculty of Visual Arts of the University of Károly Eszterházy in Eger, the Arts Faculty of the University of Szeged, the Art Academy of Kaposvár and the Budapest Metropolitan University.

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