Art Moments: The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?!

The focus of the 2018 Art Moments: The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! festival is environment-conscious thinking, recycling, and circular economy. This year's festival is designed is designed to make these important concepts more approachable for people and to demonstrate what they really mean.

Everyone knows that global warming, scarcity of traditional energy sources, environmental pollution, untreated garbage gaps and chronic water scarcity is a problem, but many think they are not affected by these issues. Yet, with just our existence we leave a huge ecological footprint on the Earth.

The goal of this year's festival is to demonstrate through exciting programs and spectacular public installations, just how wasteful we are in our everyday lives. To show how much rubbish, unnecessary waste, we produce and how little we worry what the fate of all this trash is after we throw it out.

Hybridart has launched several projects throughout the year focusing on conscious consumption and sustainability. Artists and experts on the topic were called upon, to demonstrate what environmentally conscious thinking means to them. Their works will be showcased at this year's Art Moments Festival, complemented by professional programs and workshops.

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