AMS Pécs 2015

Pécs joined Art Moments in 2012. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarters as a key partner hosted several exhibitions in 2013. Among these were “The head as a cosmos”, the watercolors of the Syrian artist Marwan Kassab-bachi, and the “Hey'Ya Arab Women in Sport”photo and film exhibition featuring female athletes by Brigitte and Marian Lacombe.

Art Moments – Art Around us in Pécs

Between the 24th November and 8th December 2015, Art Moments will appear with two programmes in Pécs. We will present the best designs of the Signboard – design label for good wine! gastrodesign project from the last three years. Furthermore, we will bring the exhibition of five distinguished Kuwaiti photographers to the town. The selected works all deal with this year's motto: “art around us”. The images aim to show the everyday beauty in our usual environment – in people or in nature – through the lense of a faraway culture.

The exhibited artists include: Abdulaziz Al Shemali, Ali Al Zaidi, Majed Al Za'abi, Sara Al Sayegh és Yousef Al Qallaf

Curator: Nawar N. Al-Kazemi

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