Zenith Art Exchange

"Art Moments 2015 will continue to foster its Zenith Art Exchange, an international visual art exchange programme, launched in 2013. The goals of Zenith Art Exchange are twofold; on one hand, it will help Hungarian artists to organise exhibitions abroad,  on the other hand, it will allow the Hungarian public a glimpse into interesting foreign cultures.

In 2013 in collaboration with  CAP (Contemporary Art Platform) Kuwait and Qatar Museums Authority we promoted the visual culture of the Arab region. Two photo and one design exhibitions were opened in Design Terminal Budapest, in MODEM Debrecen and in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter M21 Gallery in Pécs. In December 2013 within the frame of Zenith Art Exchange program a video installation of the Hungarian artist Zsolt Asztalos, ”Fired But Unexploded”(previously exhibited in the Hungarian Pavilion during the 55th international exhibition, Venice Biennale 2013) was presented in Kuwait and in 2014 and 2015 young Hungarian designers had the opportunity to exhibit at Design Days Dubai an international contemporary design fair organised annually in the Golf region. Last year, two contemporary art institutions from the Middle East, CAP Kuwait and Abu Dhabi Art Hub had the opportunity to represent their projects at Art Moments.

This year, Art Moments – Art Around Us will bring two exhibitions with works of photographers form two of the biggest cities of the Gulf region, Kuwait and Dubai.

The aim of these projects is to provide real knowledge about the contemporary Arab culture and to let an insight into this unique world in order to ease the stereotype preconceptions that can be experienced towards the Arab culture in general. These art programs provide a real opportunity to get to know each other better, and to create a rather human but much less political approach in  human interactions."

Katalin Gereben, Manager director, Equilor Fine Art Ltd., Art director at Zenith Art Exchange


Contrasts Blend

Exhibition of Kuwaiti Photographers

Várkert Bazaar

15 – 31 October, opening: 15 October, 5.30 p.m.

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. While art is around us, our perception of where art is varies. "Contrasts blend" is an invitation to find Art through the lenses of leading Kuwaiti photographers, Abdulaziz Al Shemali, Ali Al Zaidi, Majed Al Za'abi, Sara Al Sayegh, and Yousef Al Qallaf.

Curated by Nawar N. Al-Kazemi, "Contrasts blend" exhibition is a collection of photography juxtaposed to expose how the selected photographers acknowledge Art. Al Shamali, finds it in nature's smallest details, Al Zaidi in the diversities and differences among cultures, Al Zaabi witnesses it in the exercise of power in animal world, AlSayegh in the patterns and formations of water and sand, and Al Qallaf in the reflection of light and its contrasts. While art is not necessarily associated with beauty, it is found in the varied perceptions we share.

Sarah Al-Sayegh – Judgement Day


The Black Garment: An Oriental Story

H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza’ Al Nahyan

Várkert Bazaar

15 – 31 October, opening: 15 October, 5.30 p.m.

Sheikha Fatima is an artist, collector, and patron of the arts and literature in the UAE. Her exhibition at Art Moments – Art Around us displays works from her debut solo exhibition, The Black Garment. She was keen to utilize the unique technique of “photograms”, created through camera-less photography, as a means for Emirati women to deliver their artistic expressions. Lured by the sheer beauty and magnificence of this whole process, Sheikha Fatima’s photograms celebrate the art and intricacy of the traditional dresses “Galabiya” and Emirati Abaya in their symbolic dimension and sensual form. Combining art, science and alchemy, the work delivers abstract silhouettes painted with light and embellished with beautiful jewellery to highlight the intricate details of the Abaya art and its role in preserving the country’s identity. This exhibition is a tribute to national pride and a celebration of identity and individuality in the UAE culture.



Method Beyond Style

Exhibition of Péter Richweisz


“As a Fashion photographer I have always said I work for the wrong industry, but with the right methods. I do not believe fashion should be part of a mind control, trend and season led consumerism, but it is a playful means to express one's moods, moments and individualism. That being said, fashion has always been challenged by the notion of the present. This real challenge of bringing fashion photography to an exhibition context has to conquer the conflict between plain trends and the past.

I refuse to be limited to one distinguished visual style, I chose this consciously to avoid a static language to keep a creative momentum.

I am using artistic strategies and methods but I eliminate my works from art as a definitive context or attitude.

Since 2003, I have been trying to bring my voice to Dubai but it is inevitable the city has influenced me too.

In my creative approach towards fashion photography publishing I have always tried to keep away from the predictable category of a 'fashion magazine'.

This exhibition brings a small curated selection from a large body of works, most of these images are part of a narrative editorial framework, but now they are exhibited as stand alone pieces. It is a challenging experiment and hopefully will entertain the visitors.”

Richweisz Péter



IDO Bench

by Anna Szőnyi

Várkert Bazaar

15 – 31 October


Hybridart Management presented the award winning public bench by the Dubai based Hungarian architect and designer Anna Szőnyi as part of the programme of this year's Design Week Budapest. The IDO Bench was on display at the Moholy-Nagy Unviersity of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) between the 25th September and 10th October 2015. 

Anna Szőnyi studied architecture and furniture design at MOME. After graduation, she started her career in the United Arab Emirates, where she has been working every since as architect and design manager. 

The IDO Bench, now produced and distributed by the French company Aubrilam, won the first so called  Urban Commissions tender initiated by Dubai Culture & Art Authority (Dubai Culture) and Dubai Design District (d3).  The prototype premiered at Design Days Dubai in March 2015.

Due to the grande scale development programme of Dubai Culture, the region's creative industry has seen a rapid growth in the last few years. One of the results of the significant cultural investments is Dubai Design District, still under development. When finished, it will be a melting pot of international designers, artists and design brands. Other examples of the booming design industry of Dubai are the international design fairs, such as Design Days Dubai, organised for the fifth time this year, as well as Dubai Design Week, which will premier in October 2015.

Accompanying the exhibition of the IDO Bench, Hybridart also organised a panel discussion titled Hungarian Designers in the Middle East. At the discussion moderated by Rita Halasi (MOME), participants talked about their experience regarding business opportunities for Hungarian design brands in the region. Participants included: Anna Szőnyi, Kata Ivánka (IVANKA Concrete), Bence Simon (Position Collective), Balázs Farkas-Jenser (Inarchi/Manooi), Zoltán Ács (Design Terminal) and Szabolcs Erdélyi (Hybridart Management).

In cooperation with Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME)


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