Urban Tactics

URBAN TACTICS – Street art live act painting with Hungarian and international artists.

Várkert Bazaar

17 October, from 12:00 a.m.

Graffiti of the late 70s through the great predecessors of New York was for most thought of and canonized as simply leaving your mark on the street. Decades had to pass and legends had to be born in order to connect the graffiti culture to the elite, high-art culture. The end of the slow overseas canonization was the Banksy phenomenon of the last decade. Thanks to him, street art ceased to remain an underground niche culture. With his specific street art projects and curators, urban arts were incorporated into the realms of the elite culture.

In the Hungarian art scene, though to a lesser extent, but street art is still treated as a stepchild. That is why since 2011, Art Moments pays special attention to the urban arts.

This year, the team of Urban Tactics will appear with a live action painting performance, based on a typical urban vehicle, the smart car.

The event is supported by Mercedes-Benz Hungary Ltd.

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