Hybridart Camp
14-24 August 2017

University of Pécs, Hungary-Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Hybridart Camp stands out of the domestic and international art camps thanks to its environmentally conscious focus and firm value tracking. The theme of the annually organized camp is to display and showcase the spirit of conscious consumption and the spirit of sustainability through fine art. The raw materials used for the works will be selected accordingly. This year’s statue was made from recycled aluminium containers.

This year, the International Hybridart Camp was held between August 14-24, 2017 for the second time at University of Pécs in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, and focused on the theme of Upcycling Art. The 2.5 meters tall, 4 meters long horse heads installation was made from 8,000 aluminium containers, and was realized through the joint efforts of the University of Pécs, Budapest based Hybridart Management and the Abu Dhabi based Etihad Modern Art Gallery. Graduated students of Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak and Emirate art universities participated together in creating the giant public space installation. The 11-member team’s work with Lóránt Éles (University of Pécs, HU), Mona Bassam Haddad (Zayed University Abu Dhabi, UAE), Gabriel Hajdók (Technical University of Košice, SK), Marek Piotr Mardosewicz (The Center of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, PL), Réka Nagy (University of Szeged, HU), Alžbeta Prouzová (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, CZ) Amin Rezai (freelance artist, HU), Szabolcs Szabó (Hungarian University of Fine Arts, HU), Botond Váradi (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, HU), Viktor Varga (University of Kaposvár, HU) was headed by sculptor Gergő Kovách.

The statue was created in the spirit of environmental awareness and upcycling, that is re-utilization. In essence, re-utilization means, that an item that we no longer need is given a new function, with minimal energy consumption, making it part of our environment in its new, creative formThe huge horse heads are covered with pressed aluminium containers, which refer to the importance of the selective collection of aluminium tins, especially, since these empty, pressed containers can be collected, stored and recycled very efficiently. The use of materials in the installation would also like to draw attention to the increased environmental impact of aluminium containers, as the production of one such container causes 15 times as much air and 3 times more water contamination, generating a volume of waste that is 45 times as much, with the energy consumption being 20 times greater than that of a regular glass bottle.

The statue will be exhibited at the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs throughout August, while in September, within the framework of the annual Art Moments Festival for visual arts, it will be on display by the Danube River front, followed by an exhibition in cooperation with Etihad Modern Art Gallery in November where it will be on display at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair and in the AR Gallery during the Dubai Design Week, and last but not least, in February 2018, it will arrive to Brussels. 

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